Back to square one…

I failed.

But I refuse to be upset about it. At the end of the day, it’s just a case of keeping going until you pass, so why have a meltdown every time you fail? It doesn’t achieve anything.

 I failed because of a daft mistake, because the car I did the test in wasn’t different (smaller, different shape) I misjudged the distance between where the kerb was, and my wheels  were, and the front tyre briefly mounted the kerb.

I’ve booked the next one (which has fallen on my Mum’s birthday (19th May) but I hope to get a cancellation before then. Going to keep checking online.

I think this is the only thing in my life so far that I’ve ever really struggled with, and so I think I’ve accepted that I won’t get the results I want straight away, but I cannot quit. Quitting would be saying I cannot drive; I *can* drive, it’s just a case of it all falling into place on the day – today I was in a strange car, it was pissing it down the entire time, and so it didn’t work out. But it doesn’t mean I can’t drive  – I just haven’t passed the test yet.


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